Top 5 Reasons Why Online Marketing Is Important


1.) Exposure

In order for your agent to sell your home you need one thing, an offer.  In order to get an offer you need a buyer and the best way to do this is by exposing your property to as many potential buyers as possible.  If your agent isn’t advertising your home on online markets other than the MLS, find another agent because you’re missing out on millions of possible customers knowing your property is for sale.


2.) Direct Link To Buyers

Websites like Zillow and Homes are not designed to actually sell your home they are designed to be a direct link between the buyers and your home.  This is a good thing as a lot of real estate agents who work with buyers might be avoiding showing your property because there is another one that is similar that is offering a higher commission.  If the buyer sees your property on one of these sites they can ask their agent to show them.


3.) Additional Advertising

Most of the online marketing sites offer additional marketing and advertising.  These additional services are expensive and can run you thousands of dollars.  However, that is what your real estate agent is for.  If your real estate agent doesn’t pay for these additional services, find another agent as you will be losing out on potential buyers.


4.) Relations With Real Estate Agents

95% of home sellers and buyers work with real estate agents.  This is because buying a home isn’t like going to the grocery store and buying groceries.  There are contracts, legal protocols and obligations, large sums of money being exchanged, laws regarding the exchange of money, financial qualifications, background checks, inspections, negotiations and more that most people find overwhelming.  Buying and selling a home is a full-time job.  Your agent is trained and is required to go to school in order to follow the protocols of real estate so you don’t get sued or taken advantage of.  This is fortunate for buyers who don’t have agents as a list of agents will usually appear next to each listing, making it easier than ever for them to find one!


5.) You Get To Watch The Other Homes That Are Competing Against You

Unfortunately for anyone who doesn’t have a real estate license, you don’t get to use the MLS.  The MLS is the extensive database used by licensed real estate agents and is the best database in the real estate industry.  However, with the advent of online markets, the public can now see samples of other homes in the market, specifically the ones you are competing against.  This will allow you to see what the other homes are doing so you can stay on top and ahead of the game to make sure interested buyers see your home before seeing your competition.